When it comes to firewood, not everyone knows that it's important which type of wood you choose to burn. Whether it's for smoking meat or even heating your house, you should be aware of what you're setting ablaze. For this blog post, we will cover four different types of wood. Each type is available for purchase here at Farmers Landscape.

Smoking Wood

Let's begin with wood for smoking! When you are smoking meat, the type of wood you should use depends on what you prefer. The general rule is that you should use heavier hardwoods like oak and hickory for smoking the heavier meats like beef and pork, and use lighter hardwoods like pecan for smoking the lighter meats like poultry and fish. It's all up to you though!

Hickory: Hickory is a very versatile hardwood and can be used to smoke meat in a variety of ways. The smoke can be sweet to strong, warm, and almost bacon-like. It burns hot and slow, and the best use for this type of wood is for large cuts like ribs and pork shoulders. It can be used on almost all red meats and poultry. Be careful though. You should start small and build, for too much hickory smoke can actually cause your meat to have a bitter taste.

Pecan: Pecan wood is useful for when you want your meat to have a sweet and rich, nutty quality. This type of wood is best used for roasts, ribs, and briskets. It's best to mix pecan wood with heartier woods like oak or hickory, or it can make your meat taste too sweet.


When wood is first cut, it can contain up to 50% of water and it won't burn in your fireplace. This is called unseasoned wood. Unseasoned wood, if burned, can cause creosote build-up in your chimney, which could lead to a fire, no fire, or a room full of smoke. The wood you use should be seasoned, which means that the moisture content has dropped to 20-25%

One of the best types of wood to burn is hard oak. It has a classic fire smell, it has a moderately long burn time, it burns clean and gives off high heat, it lights easily, and it leaves very little residue.

Another great type of wood to burn is maple! It doesn't have much of an aroma, it gives off high heat, and it's easy to burn.

We have these types of firewood available. If you are interested in purchasing some, contact us!